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Alban Krasniqi

Alban Krasniqi became a Christian at a youth camp when he was sixteen. He has a passion for reaching young people with the gospel.

Alban Krasniqi, Youth for Christ, Kosova

Almost half of the two million inhabitants of Kosovo are under the age of thirty-five. According to recent research, around 85% of the local churches in Kosovo have young people inside their church but do not have any youth work. In 2022 with the backing of Youth For Christ International Alban started Youth For Christ in Kosovo.

Working with local believers, he is building a team of volunteers and equipping them to organise and develop different activities for the youth in Kosovo with the purpose of sharing God’s love. This is initially in Pristina and Millosheve with the plan to extend it to the whole country. Larger events are planned such as a youth camp (involving all the churches of Kosovo), a youth leaders’ seminar, training for media and a Superwoman programme.

The Superwoman programme helps empower and value teenage girls in a very patriarchal culture. The first Superwoman meeting in January 2023 encouraged many women to share personal stories, their deepest dreams for the teenagers and created a deep sense of unity between the Kosovar female leaders.

Alban is married and an active member of Fellowship of the Lord’s People Church.

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