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Alex and Milena Valkanovi

Milena Valkanova got saved in 1990, when she was 17 years old. Because of her desire to know more about Jesus, his life and ministry, she decided to study at the Sofia Bible Institute (SBI) in the capital city of Bulgaria.

Alex and Milena Valkanovi

After her graduation, Milena and her husband, Alex, who had also graduated from SBI, committed themselves to full time ministry. They were pastors for five years at their first Evangelical Pentecostal church and then pastors at another EPC in Bulgaria for 16 years.

Since February 2017 they have continued to serve God as pastors at EPC in Pazardjik. The church has a vision to spread the gospel in the city and surrounding areas, planting churches in the region. They train local leaders in leading churches and preaching, have a desire for the children and teens and to develop Sunday Schools at the churches in the region, doing outdoor Bible lessons and different youth activities. Most of the church members are women so they provide special teaching for women; as well as working with Roma and Turkish home groups and churches.

Alex and Milena have two non-identical twin daughters.

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