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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dragan and Sandra Nedic

Dragan Nedic has served God in various capacities for over 25 years. In 2019 he became the pastor of the Evangelical Church “Kosevsko brdo” in Sarajevo; the role previously held by Slavko Hadzic.

Dragan and Sandra Nedic

Dragan’s desire is to establish a community of believers who are committed to encourage and bless each other by serving using their skills, talents and gifts.

He strongly believes there will be no significant change in the success of their evangelistic efforts unless there is a shift in the spiritual realm above their city. This is why he has encouraged a new approach to worship in the Sunday meetings, prayer meetings and all other activities by inviting people to more openness to the Holy Spirit and liberty in expressing the victory that Christ has given each believer.

Since then, they have seen positive changes in the church but also in the lives of a number of non-believing friends. Dragan is married to Sandra.

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