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Gavril Covaci

Gavril is from a Roma background and has a heart for reaching his own people with the gospel. He radiates joy and always has a big smile on his face.

Gavril Covaci

In the past twenty years he has planted over ten churches in the west of Romania. He is currently the pastor of Tinca Baptist Church, a thriving church in the Roma community. The church recently had to extend their building to make room for the growing number of new believers.

At the same time, Gavril is actively sharing the gospel in Tarcea and Vasad where new believers are discipled, new church buildings have been constructed and the witness of Jesus Christ is changing the communities.

Employment for the Roma is very seasonal, mainly in the warmer summer months, so members of the mother church help distribute hot meals, food parcels and firewood in the villages during the winter.

Gavril is married to Aghi and they have a family.

Andrew Saxton, Chair of Trustees for Life to Romania and a Baptist Minister, felt called by God to move to Romania in 2019. He is a point of contact and a great support for Gavril. Andrew’s own work for Life to Romania involves him in running summer camps and training and equipping local churches to run this type of work.

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