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Project Romanian Rescue (PRR)

Project Romanian Rescue (PRR) started in 1997 to help street children in the city of Constanta. Many were drug addicts, sniffing glue or aerosols to escape the harsh reality of their daily lives.

Children suppported at Project Romanian Rescue

During winter, temperatures dropped to as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius, and many of these children lived beneath the streets amongst the hot water pipes that crisscross the cities, emerging only to forage for food. The PRR team visited these people living on the streets, giving out food and being available to talk and pray with them about concerns and problems.

A Day Centre for Children which ran until 2004 was set up to provide clothes, food and education. The main ministry of PRR these days is two homes—one for girls and one for boys to help at risk children. Both homes are Government licensed and accredited. Each home has a loving staff team who teach family values, and children have the opportunity to go to school and church. In the summer they run various Christian camps and through the year organise special trips and outings.

The organisation is led by Marian Serban. He is married with a young family. Many former beneficiaries from the homes remain in contact and are like a large extended family.

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