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Gifts with a value, not just a price

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Our Essential Gifts online store has been themed in consultation with our partners in Europe. These ethical gifts are based upon the most needed items and cover a range of prices to provide something for everyone.

Please help those in need by donating a gift on behalf of someone special to you, whether for Christmas, a birthday or a special anniversary. Every gift will not only be a blessing to your friend it will also help someone in need.

Choose from more than 25 Essential Gifts from £10.00 upwards on our online store:

Woolly hat, scarf and gloves
A family receiving a food hamper
Girl happy to receive new shoes
Baby Basket gift
Wood logs
How it works:

Our Promise:
At least 85p in every £1 donated goes towards the Essential Gifts fund, with no more than 15p ensuring we continue to support this project, now and in the future.

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