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Where we work

When TEN began, it focused on supporting the work of indigenous Christian partners in European countries where the good news of Jesus Christ was either banned or suppressed. Many of those countries were part of the former Yugoslavia.

Today, TEN's ministry focuses on 10 European countries with over 50 partners, in southern and eastern Europe.

Times have changed considerably, but complex issues remain. Challenges such as poverty, political corruption and public mistrust have given rise to emigration, particularly among the younger generations, which makes it harder for economies to stabilise and the people to thrive.

History, nationality, ethnicity and religion are pivotal to eastern and south-eastern Europe. The region is mainly divided between Orthodox Christianity, Islam and Catholicism and a person’s national identity is often tied into their religion, even if followed nominally. Many of our partners are leaders from Bible-based churches, which are in the minority. In Montenegro, for example, there are only approximately 200 evangelical Christians.

To find out more about the people, places and projects TEN connects with, just click on the highlighted countries in the map or on the links below.

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