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Harvest for the Hungry

Bring Harvest Hope to Eastern Europe and the Balkans

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Thousands of people face a harsh winter without enough food.

There are many people in Eastern Europe and the Balkans who really struggle to put food on the table and for a variety of reasons. Without the practical support of our partners, many would be without hope.

At Transform Europe Network, we are privileged to stand with our partners and to support them as they bring food to families and individuals who are most in need. Will you stand with us?

Jesus Christ said:
"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out the workers into his harvest field."

Harvest for the Hungry is a project that has supported our Christian partners in Eastern Europe and the Balkans for over thirty years, through the generous giving of UK churches and individuals. What began with many dedicated UK Christians and churches sending food parcels over to Europe has now developed so that our amazing partners can by food in-country, supporting their local economy and making your generous donations go further.

It is through the love shown to people that some become open to hearing the good news of Jesus. Some start going to church. Others tell their friends about the kindness shown to them. Harvest for the Hungry not only provides food to satisfy physical hunger; it has enabled many people to receive the Bread of Life.

Please support Harvest for the Hungry. Your donation could transform a life.

For free resources to help your church or group raise awareness and money for Harvest for the Hungry, please click the button below:
young girl eating soup
Food parcels being delivered
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soup kitchen
James Vaughton says thank you for last year’s support and invites you to get involved this year.
Harvest for the Hungry videos
Offline versions of each video are available directly from the TEN office. If you would like any of our Harvest videos sent to you directly, contact us here.
Free Resources for Your Church Service or Group

Harvest is the ideal time for people to consider the reality for those living in poverty. If you belong to a church or group you would like to encourage to support Harvest for the Hungry, we have plenty of resources to help you.

Here you can find our resources such as posters, leaflets, our group Bible study and a PowerPoint presentation and a slide for your service. You can use our promotional film to share why Harvest for the Hungry is so important or use Lucy’s talk to illustrate that love is active and visible. As well as being able to give by text or donate online, we can provide you with Harvest for the Hungry collection envelopes. You can even request a speaker to share more about why Harvest for the Hungry matters.

Please contact the office on 0117 961 5161 if you would like us to send you any resources such as Harvest envelopes, posters or leaflets. We are always happy to help.

The story of Harvest for the Hungry

Find out how Harvest for the Hungry started. Follow our blog to read the story of how God worked in the life of Derek Wade to spur him on to pioneer this vital Kingdom work. Find out why Harvest still matters today.

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