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Harvest for the Hungry

Bring Harvest Hope to Eastern Europe and the Balkans

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Harvest Hope

There are many people in Eastern Europe and the Balkans who struggle to put food on their tables for a variety of reasons. But the practical help of food provision through Harvest for the Hungry brings hope.

At Transform Europe Network, we are privileged to stand with our Christian partners in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, supporting them as they bring food to families and individuals in need. Will you stand with us?

But God will never forget the needy;
The hope of the afflicted will never perish.

Harvest for the Hungry is a project that has supported our partners for over thirty years, through the generous giving of churches and individuals. In the past, dedicated UK churches and individuals sent food boxes directly to Europe. Now, through financial donations to Harvest for the Hungry, TEN sends funds directly to partners to make those donations go further. This enables our partners to purchase food locally, support their economy and provide food in the most suitable way through food parcels or soup kitchens.

Harvest for the Hungry strengthens our partners’ outreach within their communities. By responding to immediate needs, they can deepen relationships with the people God has called them to serve. Sometimes, they can share the gospel and tell people about the Bread of Life.

Please support Harvest for the Hungry. Your donation could help transform a life.

Here are our free resources to help your church or group raise awareness about how Harvest for the Hungry makes a difference, why it matters and how you can give. You may wish to use our resources for your church’s Harvest celebrations.

Children eating soup
food supplies
Family receiving a food parcel
A man receives a food parcel in Bosnia and Herzegovina
James Vaughton says thank you for last year’s support and invites you to get involved this year.
Harvest for the Hungry videos
Offline versions of each video are available directly from the TEN office. If you would like any of our Harvest videos sent to you directly, contact us here.
Free Resources for Your Church Service or Group

Harvest is a time of celebration for God’s amazing provision and sustenance. For many churches, it is also a time to consider how we can share with those who have little and reflect Christ’s love for those in need.

Here are our resources to support your church or group during Harvest. Take a look at our promotional film which illustrates how CASA Grace in Romania uses funds from Harvest for the Hungry to further their work with families and individuals in need. You can download our poster, leaflet and customisable slides for your Harvest service. If you would like a representative of TEN to come and share more about the impact of Harvest for the Hungry, you can request a speaker. We also provide a group study which looks at God’s justice and how He never forgets the needy.

We can send you hard copies of resources such as Harvest for the Hungry Gift Aid envelopes, posters, leaflets and offline versions of our promotional film. Just contact the office on 0117 961 5161 or email and let us know what you need.

The story of Harvest for the Hungry

Find out how Harvest for the Hungry started. In our blog from 2022, you can learn how God worked in the life of Derek Wade to spur him on to pioneer this vital Kingdom work.

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