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Harvest for the Hungry: Never Forgotten

Albano Manxhari distributes food packages in Albania.

Albano Manxhari distributes food packages in Albania.

In Psalm 9, David reminds us that the Lord is known for his justice and for helping those who society often neglects. In verse eighteen there is an amazing promise, ‘But God will never forget the needy; the hope of the afflicted will never perish.’ Psalm 9:18 NIV.

Thanks to your generous donations during the past winter our partners have demonstrated God’s heart for the poor as they used Harvest for the Hungry grants to provide food for those in need during the coldest months.

Through Harvest for the Hungry grants sent out in autumn 2023 you have helped thirty partners provide food parcels to at least 1,370 children and 1,103 adults, run a soup kitchen in Bulgaria which provided 2,050 hot meals for Roma children plus supply 250 hot meals and 250 food packages a month for homeless people in Serbia.

Pastor Dusan Beredi in Novi Sad, Serbia reports, ‘We spent part of the funds we received from you on food from which we cooked hot meals, including fresh food such as beans, potatoes, cabbage, flour, meat, onions, fruit… We spent the other part of the funds on the purchase of canned food from which we made packages that our homeless friends carried with them and used during the week when they have no other food.’

Dusan told us about one family the church helped in a more holistic way. ‘In March, we helped a family (Živan and Mihaela) with two young daughters who, due to bad circumstances, found themselves on the street with a couple of bags but without any food or money. For several weeks we helped them with food packages and we also found them an apartment. The landlady accepted them with our guarantee for the payment of the rent. In the last month, both parents have temporary jobs and can take care of the children.’

A family receives a food parcel in North Macedonia
A family receives a food parcel in North Macedonia
A man receives a food parcel in Bosnia and Herzegovina
A man receives a food parcel in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Robert Salamanov in Radovish, North Macedonia reported, ‘We used the grant for food for people in need, people who lack food in their homes. It always touches me because they can’t afford food every time.’

In Albania, Albano and Genta Manxhari gave out food parcels and reported ‘the deliveries were distributed in different areas of Tirana. … We shared with them the miracle of Christmas and almost 70% of them expressed their desire to join our church.’ Another partner in Albania shared, ‘God has blessed people’s hearts. Many Muslim women are turning to Christ because of food aid. We are rejoicing as God is opening their eyes to see the truth and believe in Jesus Christ.’

Albano and Genta also commented on the ‘hidden poverty’ in Tirana; ‘We have noticed a great need in our city, a poverty that is camouflaged under the beauty of the city, big buildings, but which is too vulnerable and painful. With God’s grace we will build new projects to help these people in need. We want to share with them more and to show them that there is hope in God’s King, that they are not alone and that Jesus loves them and there is still more that God can offer them.’

*These figures are based on partner feedback received at the time of issue.

By Ken Millwood, Partners Officer at TEN

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