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Artur Tushi

Artur (aka Turi) Tushi is the leader of churches in Berat and Kucove.

Artur Tushi

Every January, the churches pray and fast to seek God’s will and direction. Regular church activities include Sunday services, weekly prayer and Bible studies, work with children and teenagers.

Turi has a heart for evangelism. In February 2021, in collaboration with a Medical Clinic they did an outreach in the village of Lumas to provide health visits and share the gospel. This was well received, and they plan to follow this up in due course. Turi reports: “A men who was present was very stressed and upset. His face was very sad and not laughing. After receiving the [health] service and prayer he went home and after 30 minutes he returned again. But this time he was different. He had changed his clothes, was cleansed and his face shined with joy. We were all overjoyed when we saw what a change the presence of God brings.”

Turi is married to Noku and they have four boys.

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