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Boris and Urša Ćurčić

Boris is a former addict from Serbia who came to Christ and went through a rehabilitation programme in Croatia.

Boris & Ursa Curchic

When he moved to Podgorica he joined Christ Gospel Church, where he was mentored and trained by Jovica Bacvanski as his assistant. When Jovica knew he was ready, Boris was ordained in October 2023 and installed as the pastor to take over the church.

Christ Gospel Church Podgorica maintains links with Jovica and Savka Bacvanski, the founders, now back in Novi Sad, Serbia. It also has a branch church, led by an ordained pastor, at the coastal town of Kamenari, with about twenty people which is growing.

Boris is married to Urša from Slovenia, she was ordained to be a deaconess in the church in October 2023. They have three young children.

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