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CASA Grace

The Christian Agency for Social Action (CASA Grace) based in Oradea was established in 1996. It has grown significantly, and today incorporates three departments that work closely together to give the best care possible for those in the surrounding community.

Christmas Shoeboxes provided by CASA Grace

Families in Difficulty programme supports families which receive little or no income. Families benefit from this programme with material and financial assistance, counselling, social and educational activities, parenting courses, and support groups.

Grace Vocational Training Centre provides training in tailoring or computing for those with no formal qualifications, the unemployed, or those in need of additional training to keep their jobs. After completing their course, individuals are either able to get a job, support themselves through their own business or help their family and community.

Kingdom Kids works with orphans and poor children with special needs to improve their quality of life. This includes fulfilling their affection and emotional needs, and therapy to recover their motor and psychological deficiencies.

CASA Grace are acting out the love of Jesus in Oradea. Every day they go out and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick and reach out to the strangers in their midst; those who are aliens in their own communities, outcasts through poverty or illness. Monika Mahr is the director of CASA Grace. She is married and they have two daughters.

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