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Danny and Vera Kuranji

Danny and Vera have been partnering with TEN for over 30 years! They were both born in the former Yugoslavia, and then emigrated to Canada for a better life. After spiritual renewal, God clearly placed His calling on their hearts to return to their homeland.

Danny and Vera Kuranji

They faced many challenges on this journey. Their son was born with cancer of both kidneys and war in the Balkans lasted for years. Temptation to quit was ever present. However, thanks to TEN and their huge support in every way, the Kuranji’s stayed.

The church that became Protestant Christian Fellowship was born in their living room in Novi Sad, and soon other churches were planted out of this. Danny and Vera also established the hospice ministry for more than 10 years and the Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre for recovering addicts, which is still going strong.

Both love God, love the lost and are sold out to evangelism. They have four children and a growing number of grandchildren.

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