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Emanuel University of Oradea

Committed to Integrity, Excellence and Passion in all its academic, ecclesiastical and global endeavours, Emanuel University of Oradea is the only accredited conservative Baptist university in Europe since 2002 and the largest conservative university in Europe.

Following institutional evaluation by the highest accreditation agency for higher education, Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ARACIS), Emanuel University attained a continued High Confidence Rating since 2009. Currently it awards Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Theology, Social Work, Music, and Business Management, and Bachelor Degrees in Literature and Information Technology.

Under the continued leadership of President Dr. Paul Negrut, during and since the demise of communism, the underground school emerged from secrecy and it developed into a fully accredited university. With scares resources, its inception as an underground operation, Emanuel University continued to develop into what is it today –university campus, growing budget, comprehensive collection academic library and international faculty. Transitioning from extreme shortages and limitations in 1990 to its Silver Anniversary in 2015, these past years have been a blessing and the team look forward to celebrating its Golden Anniversary with great faith and hope. They currently have over 2,500 graduates who are spread in over 39 countries around the world.

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