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Fellowship of the Lord’s People Church

Fellowship of the Lord’s People in Prishtina was established in 1985, the first Evangelical Church in Kosovo. Pastor Artur Krasniqi has been the pastor for over 20 years.

Artur and Brikena Krasniqi

His passion remains preaching and teaching the Word. He is one of the founders of KPEC (Kosovo Protestant Evangelical Church), Co-founder of the First Kosovo Bible School and many other organisations within the country. He, together with the Church, shares the same vision and desire on seeing a great revival happening in Kosovo.

Beside the regular services there are a variety of ministries and projects in Prishtina and other cities. The church for many years has had lots of impact on educational, social and spiritual aspect through House of Hope Community development centres among Albanians and Roma people.

Mercy Ministry, among the poor and needy, has served as blessing for many families in need. Through children and youth projects, they are much closer to the communities and their specific needs. The Bible school is a place where the entire church of Kosovo can benefit.

A second-hand shop, regenerating income and helping the needy has become a role model for others. By its work, the church is trusting God and exploring different approaches to reach people for Jesus and His Kingdom.

Artur and his wife Brikena have two wonderful boys.

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