Jovica and Savka Bacvanski

Jovica and Savka Bacvanski moved from Novi Sad  in Serbia, to Montenegro and its capital city of Podgorica in 1999 following a call from God.

Jovica and Savka Bacvanski

Jovica had not wanted to go there but as he began to preach in Podgorica each weekend, his heart was captured and he knew that he and Savka and their two sons, Jovan and Aleksander had to go.

Today, they work with drug addicts with the help of ex-drug addicts who went through the rehab centre. They are in contact with the people from Montenegro who are part of the rehab centres in the countries around Montenegro. Once they complete rehab they are invited to the church. This provides practical help and fellowship for them telling them that they are not alone. If they need help or prayer, we are here for them.

The church in Podgorica is Christ Gospel Church and it also has a branch church, led by an ordained pastor, at the coastal town of Kamenari, near Tivat with about 20 new people and is also growing.

Watch the video below to see Jovica sharing his story about how he came to know God.

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