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Mission Possible Albania

The story of Mission Possible in Albania started in autumn 1991 when Albania first re-opened its doors to the world and the people were free again to worship God!

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Besa Shapllo was one of the first believers in this new era in Albania. As a new Christian, Besa was given a challenging task: to lead Mission Possible’s ministry in Albania.

Under her leadership as she followed God, the Albanian team has reached tens of thousands of people, sharing the gospel and providing help. In 1993 they began publishing the first children’s magazine in Albania, Miracle Magazine (Mrekullia), and a couple of years later launched the Miracle Bible Clubs.

Bathore is an impoverished community in suburban Tirana, Albania, whose residents are primarily of Muslim background. Mission Possible’s Hope Centre has been there for twenty years. The name was suggested by some women who attended the courses and Bible studies at the centre because they said whenever they went, they returned home filled with hope.

At Hope Centre, various practical courses are organized, specifically for teenagers and women. For ten years the centre has run the only public library in town. Through these resources, people are also introduced to the Gospel. There are regular Bible study groups, meetings, and an annual summer camp for local children (run every year since 1998).

Besa retired in July 2021 and the work is now carried on by the small team led by Gjergji Como. Mission Possible in Albania celebrated thirty years of ministry in September 2021.

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