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Nikola Atanasov

In 1999, Nikola, along with his to-be wife, found their lives transformed by the gospel.

Nikola Atanasov

Three years later, Nikola and Daniela discovered that a church nearby was going to close and so without thinking, Nikola and Daniela found themselves volunteering their services, unknowing of the exact location or what was to be expected of them on their arrival. From that moment on, God placed a desire and passion for the couple to reach out to the Roma people.

Upon arriving in Shishmantsi they were provided a room without electricity and people who could not agree with one another… and so their ministry began.

Nikola and Daniela have two children and their ministry is part of the Evangelical Pentecostal Church, in the city of Plovdiv. Their work has expanded to other villages beyond Shishmantsi to Yasno Pole, the town of Saedinenie and more recently, Tsarimir and Golyam Chardak.

Over the years they have seen numerous changes in their ministry but their love for the churches they witness to has only increased.

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