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Plamen Borisov

Plamen is the pastor of Shalom Church in Sevlievo, part of the Shalom family of churches. He is married to Kremi and they have two daughters.

Plamen Borisov

The church has grown to about 50 adults and 20 children and they have outgrown their current space. They are looking for a suitable plot of land or new larger building so they can put down permanent roots.

During the week they hold Sunday services, prayer meeting, Bible study and youth meeting. Often at Easter time they do street outreach, and at Christmas share food parcels with the community with an attractive calendar with Bible verses, a pen, tract and a card with church details.

Plamen has started being invited to speak at Seminars at other churches to share what the Bible teaches on different topics. The church believes in prayer and they regularly go up to the hills to pray over their region and for God’s blessing and revival in Bulgaria.

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