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Ruslan and Larisa Telpiz

Ruslan Telpiz came to the Lord in December 1998 when he was just 22 years of age. After earning his existence through theft, he was challenged to repent while attempting to steal something from the Baptist Church in Goteşti, which he now pastors. The Church was founded by pastor Mark McCormick a few months earlier during the summer of 1998.

Ruslan and Larisa Telpiz

In 1999 Ruslan married Larisa and together they have three children – David, Rut and Emily.

Ruslan was ordained as a deacon in 2002 and for many years he served in Goteşti and took part in missions to two villages nearby. He is now the pastor of the Baptist Church in Goteşti and also leads the social ministries.

Larisa is also involved in the ministry with the women from the church, local women and widows.

Goteşti church runs a Day Care Centre and holds summer Day Camps, a Sunday School and youth group and outreach events in neighbouring villages. Church members are actively involved in the ministries with local socially vulnerable children and adults, widows and other social projects in the winter.

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