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Srdjan and Ruth Vorotovic

Srdjan moved to Montenegro in his teens as a refugee with his family from Bosnia. A man from Word of God Evangelical Church in Podgorica witnessed to him about Jesus and his life was changed. He joined the same church and proved to be a honest and trustworthy man.

Srdjan & Ruth Vorotovic

When the OM ship Doulos visited Montenegro in 2005, Srdjan had a sense of call to church plant in the town of Kotor, but obediently waited until his pastor and he sensed the time was right. He met and married Ruth, originally from Uganda in 2015.

From 2018 they started to visit Kotor one day a week working with a German missionary couple to develop relationships and do evangelism. In November 2021, Srdjan left his paid work in a factory as an engineer and the couple were commissioned and sent out by their home church in Podgorica to plant a new church in Kotor.

They have started to work with children, teenagers and the local Roma community, and hold a weekly church meeting in their home. In June 2023 three people from Kotor were baptised, a great encouragement for the new fellowship.

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