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Tedi and Didi Oprenovi

Teodor and Dimitrina Oprenovi (we know them by their nicknames Tedi and Didi) serve in a joint ministry at Sofia Baptist Church, Bulgaria.

Tedi and Didi Oprenovi

This dedicated couple have been ministering in Sofia and the country of Bulgaria for over 20 years. They have been involved in youth, children’s and women’s ministry, in running Alpha courses, building teams of volunteers for various ministries, social work serving the needy and neglected by society – Roma, orphans, homeless and most recently refugees.

Bringing hope to people in need, giving them dignity to help themselves, empowering the powerless to build their future and guiding people in finding the love of God and developing a relationship with Christ have always inspired and motivated them in their work. Although they are two very different characters – together they make a fantastic team and complement each other in the various tasks which are able to cover a huge variety of needs.

They have two daughters: Anna-Margarita (Ami) who is a talented musician, violinist, singer and composer and Sophia-Alexandra who loves horses and art.

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