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Vasile and Maria Grigorita

Vasile Grigorita is the pastor of Brinza Baptist Church. He is married to Maria and they have four children, three boys and a girl.

Vasile and Maria Grigorita

They have weekly services on Sunday and groups in the week for young people and adult Bible study.

The Church runs a Day Care Centre during the week, particularly providing help and support for needy families and single parents. They are also very active in the relief of poverty within the local community through providing hot meals and winter fuel (e.g., firewood).

The congregation is mainly young people and elderly. Almost all ‘middle-aged’ people have left to find work abroad. Recently there has been an increase in whole families moving away altogether.

Vasile has a passion for sharing the gospel with the community, especially the young people before they leave to work abroad. In the summer they run camps for the children and teens, which they love attending.

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