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Roof repairs

Imagine your home has no proper roof and relies on rusty lengths of corrugated iron and a very inadequate covering of branches. It is often draughty, freezing in the winter, and of course, the rain pours in. This was Emil’s situation a few months back. If you met Emil, you would be struck by his rough appearance and vacant expression. Whenever Emil managed to make a fire to try and keep himself warm, the smoke had nowhere to go. It clung to his clothes, his skin and affected his health.

A few years ago, Emil suffered a serious head injury and it changed his whole world. He often loses consciousness and has been unable to work. Unable to provide for his family, he left his wife and children. He lives in his dilapidated home, alone and depressed. But the local church in Tarcea, Romania have been praying for Emil ever since he started attending church. He was thankful for the warmth, kindness and gift of food parcels. Pastor Gavril Covaci wanted to do more and approached TEN for help. A small emergency grant was quickly provided to enable urgent repairs to Emil’s roof, before the rain and snow set in. The roof was replaced by church volunteers as a temporary fix. Emil needs a long-term solution. Emil has been given hope because of how the church is helping him and it has encouraged him that God cares about his situation.

“There will be a shelter to give shade from the heat by day, and refuge and protection from the storm and the rain.” Isaiah 4:6 NASB
By Naomi Greenwood, TEN Operations Assistant

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