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Dusan Beredi

Dusan Beredi (Bera)

I grew up in a family that didn’t care about Christianity. My father, a disillusioned communist and staunch atheist, was an alcoholic during my early years. My mother had a strong aversion to Christianity because her grandmother imposed her faith on her. As a result, I believed Christianity was backward, outdated, and unnecessary.

But throughout my childhood, I experienced a significant sense of inadequacy. The constant feeling of not being worthy plagued me. Without encouragement, I began seeking validation through negative means, primarily through intense alcohol consumption.

Initially, it was fun, but later it became senseless. I drank to feel good, but I started losing all of that. I drank to escape depression but found myself sinking deeper. I wanted to quit drinking, but I couldn’t.

One night when I was walking home drunk, I argued with God. I said, “If you exist, show yourself, and I will believe in you.”

Christmas was the following week. I called a friend to join him at the church service. As soon as I entered, something positive overwhelmed me—smiling people extended their hands, genuinely interested in me. I vividly remember Jan’s smile when he introduced himself.

That night I went out with friends, determined not to drink anymore, declaring that I was now a believer. My determination lasted until they started drinking. They had a litre of some awful concoction, but I craved it. In despair, I started humming the words of church songs, uttered a few words from the “Our Father” prayer and “have mercy on me, O God.” Instantly, I was free.

For seventeen years, I’ve had no inclination for anything alcoholic. I was healed in a place where I had been drunk hundreds of times. I discovered for myself that the story of Christ is true. God is alive!

By Dusan Beredi, Senior Pastor of Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, Serbia

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