Fires bring terror to Turkey

Large fire


Dear brothers,
I want you to pray for the fires that have been going on for a week in Turkey. 163 forest fires broke out in 38 cities of Turkey and they still continue in many places. Especially in Antalya and Mugla, the fires reached the cities. Many villages and houses were burned. In the fires in Bodrum, Marmaris, Koycegiz, Dalaman, Fethiye and Seydikemer, the districts of Mugla, the city we live in, many villages were burned and people were left homeless.

The fires here continue. We learned that the fire had approached the house of a brother living in Koycegiz. As a church, we try to help people who need help. I ask you to pray for the Lord’s mercy for the people who are left homeless, for the villagers whose houses, animals, fields, crops, greenhouses are burning.

The state seems helpless in the face of these fires. People are being provoked on social media by saying that terrorists are causing the fires. People have panic and anger. I also want you to pray that there will be no chaos.

In this time of disaster, you can pray that the Lord will use our church to help the helpless people, to show the Lord’s mercy, love, and peace.
Pastor Metin Mintaz

If you want to assist these helpless people financially, you can use the IBAN numbers below.
Bank Details:
Metin Mintaz
GBP TR38 0006 7010 0000 0028 7302 32

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