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Hervin & Sedika Fushekati

Hervin and Sedika Fushekati

Since soon after his conversion from Islam at the age 17, Hervin Fushekati has planted and pastored several churches.

He is the founder and leader of the International School of Theology and Leadership (ISTL), a dynamic school, students of which have planted over 50 churches, as well as initiated several new ministries and missionary work. Formally, through the Bible School and informally through relationships, many hundreds of people have been trained, discipled, loved, encouraged and sent to all areas of Albania or the surrounding countries of Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey.

Hervin leads the Church of God (COG) denomination in Albania which has a growing number of churches. Hervin pastors the central COG church in Tirana and is supported by his wife who works with women and in other areas.

Hervin is married to Sedika and they have two grown up sons.

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