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I decided to participate in every ministry

Mirjeta Dreshaj

I’m Mirjeta Dreshaj, I’m 22 years old from Kosova, I’m a third-year student of Bible School ILIRIA. I decided to give my life to Jesus in 2018 and it is the best decision I have made. Shortly after I accepted Christ, I had a great desire in my heart to serve Him. In the beginning, I decided to participate in every ministry that was happening at our church, with the hope that I would the talents God has given me.

The first ministry I served in was the Kids Club. I always had a strong desire to work with children and saw it as a great opportunity to serve the little ones. Later on, I became part of the worship team as well. Worship was the way God touched my heart from the very beginning. Even though, I didn’t really like how my voice sounded I just couldn’t stop worshipping.

While I was serving, I continued praying to God about my calling. I was growing daily in my faith. Sometimes I felt as if I wasn’t in the right place, at times I felt like I should even give up on my ministry. But God has always found ways to encourage me. Finally, I understood my calling and God has revealed the talents he has given me.

One thing that is giving me much joy is a new project which is called Ark of Life. The idea behind it is to go into villages of Kosova with a mobile truck and take Kids Club to the children. It has been a special experience to prepare for it, which I am sure is going to be a great place for me to develop my skills.

If today you don’t know your calling, by serving in different ministries and not giving up, you will find it.

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