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Prepared for service in North Macedonia

Ivan Petrov

When God is preparing us for service, He also prepares hearts that will support us.

My name is Ivan Petrov from Shtip in North Macedonia and I have recently completed two years of Bible study in the Summit International School of Ministry in Philadelphia, USA that was founded in 1994 by Rev David Wilkerson, Times Square church.

I know that God has called me to serve His Kingdom and throughout my studies, I proved God’s faithfulness and provision. It’s been a blessing to also learn the English language. I’m thankful that God changed my life and He is preparing me to serve on His field. He said that harvest is big but the labourers are few.

Currently, I’m back in my hometown of Shtip and serving in my local church where my father is the pastor. I’m hoping to complete my studies in Croatia. Raising finance is a big challenge for every young person who wants to serve. The economy is weak, there are few jobs and especially during the Coronavirus restrictions. But I believe that God chose me and I know that He will provide. One of my teachers says, “When God is preparing us for service, He also prepares hearts that will support us, and will answer the call to be with us.”

Meanwhile, I’m happy that I can help as much I can do in my home church and assist my dad. I know that God will guide me and He knows the best. We pray that God will raise up a new generation hungry for the Gospel and also that God will open the hearts to support the work.

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