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Raised in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dario Kapin was saved in 1991. Following graduation from Bible school in Sweden he had a call from God to move to Serbia. Soon after his arrival, Dario met and went on to marry Silvija from Novi Sad, Serbia in 1995. Dario became a church elder for six years before relocating to Bosnia and Herzegovina to plant a new church in Zenica.

It began with their family of four, including Ruth and Deborah. Zenica is the fourth largest city in the country and is 95% Muslim with great challenges and deep-seated prejudice toward evangelical churches. For the past 15 years, Dario has been a TEN partner, working initially with Gary Cox and later with Gerry
Partridge to distribute food parcels to the poor. He has actively served the needs of the local Jewish community during Hanukkah/Christmas.

Dario’s approach to evangelism is through personal encounters, meetings over coffee and raising awareness through the media, including TV appearances, radio interviews, organising Christian concerts and the displaying of large-scale billboards proclaiming the Gospel and the protestant church. Dario has gained the respect of local officials and the mayor of Deventa as he continues to help the poor and work towards sustainability.

When Silvija began to suffer from a chronic digestive complaint, a friend suggested that she try drinking lukewarm water with a spoonful of honey every day. After Silvija’s recovery, Dario began to research beekeeping. He saw this as an opportunity to produce and distribute honey and spread its beneficial use. After several challenging seasons, the project has grown considerably. A large plot of land has been purchased in Derventa, bee-loving blossomed trees have been planted and the hives are now seated on dry, concrete bases.

The bee project is generating income and providing seasonal employment. Dario is preparing for a new church plant in the city of Derventa. Good connections have already been made with the local mayor and there are several promising signs for this mainly Orthodox community

BILLBOARD (Translated)
Left side: Emmanuel, Light of the World, Redeemer, Love, King of kings, Good Shepherd, Messiah

Right side: Resurrection, Lamb of God, Judge, Grace, Alpha and Omega, Lord of lords, Prince of Peace, Son of God, Saviour

Bottom: Truth, Way, Life
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