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Firewood distributed to families in North Macedonia

Children showing their artwork at Camp Fokus

Twenty-eight WinterHelp grants were sent out in September 2022 to partners in nine countries. TEN was able to fully fund six projects and part-fund twenty-two projects. At least 636 adults and 864 children were helped by WinterHelp grants. A huge thank you to all who give towards our WinterHelp campaign. Here are a few examples of the difference it makes.

Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, Serbia
Every year we have the same challenge; to supply people on the street with warm shoes and clothes at the very least, to ease the minus temperatures outside and prevent some frostbite. And every year, together with them, we thank you for the donations that make that possible. With the help we received, we bought twenty-three pairs of fitted, leather ankle boots. With the rest of the money, we bought clothes for fifty adults—socks, underwear, and other items necessary for the winter.

This year’s special project was the exchange of old shoes people received last year for the new boots. Even though their old shoes were worn out, they didn’t want to throw them away, but returned a large number and accepted the new ones with special joy.
It is impossible to tell a story that will convey our feeling of joy when we gave them new shoes, but also their feeling of gratitude and happiness when they received this gift. We could see the relief they felt on their faces—at least one problem was solved for a while. Wet and frozen feet became a thing of the past for them at that moment, thanks to your donations. We are extremely grateful to you for responding to a need that many are turning away from.

Bitola Evangelical Church, North Macedonia
Because the cost of firewood had doubled, it was hard to find. So, we decided to help people with their electric bills. One of the families that received help with the electricity bills was not expecting it and wondered how they were going to manage. After they received help, the husband was more interested in knowing God and His Word. He regularly attends the services and the men’s Bible studies.

Štip Evangelical Church, North Macedonia
The grant was used for firewood for the poor. The most touching moment is when you see their smiles; their face shines. We were able to give firewood to a woman who has two children. She was happy and full of thanksgiving because there would be wood to warm her children in the winter.

New shoes at Novi Sad Christian Fellowship
New shoes at Novi Sad Christian Fellowship
Firewood distributed in North Macedonia
Firewood distributed in North Macedonia
Winter Help logo

Last year we received the highest number of applications from our partners for help since the campaign started. In the past few years, the prices of firewood, clothes and other essentials to survive the harsh winters have more than doubled.

Will you consider supporting us so our partners can continue to provide practical relief to people at their point of need?

Click here to make a donation online, or call the office on 01179 615161. Thank you!

By Ken Millwood, TEN Partners Officer

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