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Beyond expectations at Rock of Ages

Mircea & Ronela Cristian, Rock of Ages, Romania

Mircea & Ronela Cristian, Rock of Ages, Romania

Rock of Ages, who works with prisons and their inmates in Romania, is here to fulfil God’s desire for all people to get saved! We plant the seed and we expect that the promise that any word from the Bible will bring fruits in the lives of those who hear it to be fulfilled!

We are joyful to receive such testimonies: From an inmate’s letter:

I believe and accepted that Jesus Christ died for me. But your letter made me realise that I never confessed my belief in Jesus Christ. Your message functioned as a trigger, so I clearly write yes, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died for my sins! I know that it is not good to trust my thinking, because many times it plays with me and makes me doubt my faith. Sometimes I suspect that I don’t have a real faith …so if you can advise me how to grow in faith, please do it!

One prisoner said recently:

“I got into the prison as an atheist and now because of the Rock of Ages Bible study, I became a Christian!”

Last year, 161 prisoners asked God to forgive their sins and got saved! We have prayed every month to see at least five prisoners get saved. God’s response was beyond our expectations!

As we see these results, please be encouraged to ask and expect great things when you fulfil God’s will for your life!

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