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A short tribute to Lucian Tabac

Recent photo of Lucian Tabac and his lovely family.

Lucian Tabac was the pastor of the church, Jesus the Truth in his village of Badicul in Moldova. A humble man with a passion to serve God and share the good news of Jesus through words and actions, a husband, a father, and a servant to his community. Lucian was a much-loved partner of TEN for several years.

At just 40 years of age, Lucian became seriously ill with Covid-19 in November, and despite being transferred to a hospital in Chisinau, sadly he was ‘called home’ on Friday 4th December 2020. Lucian was born in the village of Badicul in southern Moldova. He accepted Christ in his late teens and felt called with his friend and mentor, Pastor Anatol Dunas to plant a church in his own village. In 2000 they started a Bible study group for children which developed into a meeting in his own home. In 2006 he rented a larger room and when the church outgrew this space, God gave them an opportunity to buy the other side of the house, demolish the old building and build a bigger meeting room and facilities. The church cooked meals for the elderly and physically disabled. Lucian was also involved in leading Bible studies, children’s and youth ministry, summer and winter holiday clubs. TEN supporter church, Kinmel Bay Church provided a team of helpers for several summer camps organised by Lucian and kept in close contact along with several individual supporters.

Lucian served as Mayor of his village from 2011 to 2015, working for the good of everyone in the community, which was recognised even by the local Orthodox Priest who supported his running for a second term from 2015 to 2019.

Lucian was married to Svetlana and they had three lovely daughters, Mădălina (17), Sanda (12) and Raluca (7). He will be greatly missed.

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