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A short tribute to Mirco Andreev

A tribute to Mirco Andreev 1966 – 2020

Mirco Andreev was the pastor of Skopje Evangelical Church and the visionary head of the national Evangelical Church denomination in North Macedonia. Sadly, Mirco contracted Coronavirus in December and as a result of complications due to underlying health issues, suddenly passed away on 26 December 2020.

Mirco was born in the village of Mokrino, near to Strumica in the former Yugoslavia. As a young man, his sole desire was to be a soldier which took him to high school in Belgrade, but due to sickness he couldn’t continue and went to study in Skopje. This is where he met Nada who led him to faith and took him to the Baptist Church where he learned a lot from Pastor Ivan Grozdanov. The Evangelical Church in Skopje started as a small group in 1988, led by a Serbian missionary couple; Mirco and Nada attended the initial group. After their theological education, in 1994 Mirco became pastor of the church and two years later leader of the denomination.

The church in Skopje grew, and other works were started including Agape Ministries, the humanitarian branch of the evangelical church mainly working with refugees from the Middle East and a Bible School in Kumanovo. Mirco was the head of the national Evangelical Alliance and had a huge vision to establish 100 churches across the country. To date, about 40 churches have been planted through year-round evangelism and social action projects.

TEN has had links with Mirco for over two decades. Mirco first met Gary Cox in 1999, during the Kosovo crisis, when TEN (Eurovangelism at the time) was the first organisation to contact Skopje Evangelical Church to help in their work with the refugees.

Mirco will be remembered for his infectious laughter, endless generosity and a constant joy in serving the Lord. He was married to Nada and they had two adult daughters, Elisaveta and Anastasia.

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