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Church planting in North Macedonia despite the coronavirus


It was several years ago that former drug addict, Robert Salamanov came to faith and felt God stirring his heart toward mission. As he served faithfully in the local church in Shtip, led by TEN partners Petre Petrov and Vance Golomeov, and helped with the regular outreach into the nearby town of Sveti Nicole.  As time went by, Robert took a special interest in reaching the town of Radovish, some 30 km further south. He took some pastoral training with the Bible League and prepared to leave the security and familiarity of their hometown of Shtip and relocate with his wife and son to the city of Radovis.

For eighteen months, Robert travelled each week to Radovis to pray and to reach out to the community through facilities made available at the local library. Many people were being reached with the Gospel. This was an exciting time and there was a strong sense of a new season and mission adventure ahead of them and then the coronavirus arrived.

Visits were curtailed due to travel and social meeting restrictions. There was much prayer about what to do next and frequent telephone calls were made to the new contacts.

Robert and his wife Krasi prayed fervently. They believed that God wanted them to move to Radovis. At first, it looked impossible as the family searched every day for a suitable apartment. The impact of the growing Covid-19 crisis continued to make things difficult.

At last, after fervent prayer, an ideal apartment was found and as Robert negotiated the rent with the landlady, they explained who they were and about their hopes to run Bible Studies in their home. The owner who was Eastern Orthodox listened carefully and then with a big smile welcomed them as new tenants. God had opened a door.

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