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Dragan Manev, Anita and Tefik Musoski and Allan Spencer with the church team from the Roma church in Bitola.
Dragan Manev (top row), Anita and Tefik Musoski and Allan Spencer (front row) with the church team from the Roma church in Bitola.

An unusual combination of summer camp, English language teaching and puppetry workshops provided a time filled with laughter, learning and purpose.

Created and lead by Pastor Dragan Manev in North Macedonia, the mission gave adults and young people from Resen and the surrounding area the opportunity to get involved in a unique event that harnessed the abilities of the online TENteach team, led by Nick Clarke with support from volunteer teacher Graham Owen, alongside the performance skills of the Signpost Puppet Theatre, from Keynsham, near Bristol. In conjunction with other TEN Partners in neighbouring Bitola and Prilep, a number of often impromptu language classes were also set up.

Dragan explained, “Investing especially in the young is really important, so I decided to organise a short summer camp where, with the support of the TENteach team, children and teenagers could have the opportunity to develop their English language skills through reading and studying specific Bible passages. In addition, I also invited puppeteers Allan and Jane Spencer who ran workshops so we could form our own specific puppet team that I’m sure with a little more practice, will be ready to go into schools to evangelise this Christmas. In every way the week far exceeded what I could have hoped for.”

Designed not only for people with faith, but also for those exploring Christianity for the first time, the mission provided a valuable introduction into what TEN in partnership can provide locally. The newly formed puppet team of adults and teenagers from the Roma community made such remarkable progress that by the end of only a week’s training, they were confident and competent to deliver their first live puppet performance to their own Friday night youth group.

By Allan Spencer, TEN Trustee

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