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Graham Owen takes students through the English alphabet.

Graham Owen takes students through the English alphabet.

TENteach was originally envisaged as an online English teaching platform using the Bible. But in the summer of 2022, volunteers from the TENteach team were invited to attend in person, to assist with English classes at holiday camps and clubs for children which were organised by partner churches in both Moldova and North Macedonia.

This was a completely new venture, and it gave us the opportunity to share teachings about Jesus face to face, whilst helping people to practice and improve their English.

In North Macedonia, TENteach volunteers Graham Owen and I ran lessons alongside puppet workshops which were provided by two other TEN volunteers, Allan and Jane Spencer. The holiday clubs were attended by children and adults from the local area, many from the Roma community.

We were pleased and encouraged by the enthusiasm of the people we met, who were eager to take part in everything. Although TENteach is an online programme, this mission week was a great opportunity for Graham and I to deliver face to face training to many, both young and old, and for us to try out our teaching material before we go live in September.

Graham Owen added, “The whole week was really fun in helping people develop their English language skills such that I hope that many will now go on to enrol with the online TENteach project to develop their English further.”

TENteach has launched online. Please pray for students and teachers as they meet together to learn English. Pray especially that God will use TENteach to bring many people into his family.

By Nick Clarke, TEN Country Champion for Moldova

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