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Novi Sad’s Winter Youth Conference

Teaching at the Novi Sad Winter conference

Teaching at the Novi Sad Winter conference

Novi Sad Christian Fellowship’s Winter Conference, organised by young people from the church, demonstrated God’s heart for restoration and overcoming all boundaries.

There were a hundred and fifty people from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia. Pastor Bera says, ‘This is the generation whose parents participated in the [Balkans War] of the nineties.’
Here are some testimonies from those who were there:

Elizabeta from Osijek
‘Nothing went according to plan, everything that could have prevented us from going to the conference appeared either on the road or at the border or on the parade route, but God’s hand firmly held our Osijek group… The power of God descended on the youth. It awakened in us whether we should change our generation.

‘The speaker told us that this generation today is the generation that prays the least, and that truly broke me. That evening 150 young people got on their knees, prayed and celebrated… A double measure of presence, glory, love and that joy that comes from the Father is what I and many others have received. This conference left a mark on my heart, a mark that I will proudly carry and keep! Pray for us young people and the future of the Church.’

A group from Šibenik, Croatia
‘I was amazed at how many young people there are in the church… There was no division or difference. Everyone as one family.

‘Jasmin’s sermon was excellent; he shared with us his experiences from his youth and encouraged us for our current and future actions. It encouraged us to hunger.’

Pastor Bera concludes, ‘Love could be felt, strong celebration and great joy… We are constantly receiving messages of encouragement from young people who have experienced the blessing, from various cities and churches. Next year, we continue.’


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