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Vlada, Tanja and their son, Filip

Vlada, Tanja and their son, Filip

This is Vlada, Tanja and Filip’s story. Vlada had used drugs occasionally since high school. But later in life he gave in to harder drugs. Eventually, Vlada lost control over his life completely.

Vlada says, ‘I gave up on myself…but others didn’t give up on me. They asked to help me and I turned to the Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre.’

The Rainbow Centre is a ministry of Novi Sad Protestant Christian Fellowship. The programme is based on biblical principles and discipleship; addicts gradually rebuild their lives, but this time on firm foundations.
‘When I entered the programme, I prayed to Jesus, but no great change happened. Then God showed me my corrupted heart and I begged him to change me. He changed my life.’

Tanja adds: ‘I started coming to church because of Vlada. I would support him, but the message and worship constantly touched me. I often cried listening to the words of the worship songs.

‘I came from a dysfunctional family… That dysfunctionality just kept following me. I was searching for love and tried everything but was never fulfilled… When Vlada entered the programme, I couldn’t sleep for months; I struggled with fear, worry and anxiety.

‘After one sermon, Pastor Bera made a call for prayer, so I stepped forward asking for sleep at night. But the prayer team led me to a repentance prayer and I accepted Christ in my life and my heart has been changed.’

Last year, Vlada finished the programme. Vlada and Tanja married in the spring and in June, both were baptised. Vlada has a job again and both he and Tanja serve God and the church. And in our Christmas play, little Filip had his part. God has reached the whole family and renewed them.

By Dusan Beredi (Bera), Pastor of Novi Sad Christian Fellowship, Serbia

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