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Classes and Language Levels

List of Classes

Class, Language Level & TeacherClass day & time (England time)Space or Full
A. Beginner (level A0–A1) SueMonday 5.30 – 6.30pmSpaces
B. Beginner (level A0–A1) SueTuesday 6.00 – 7.00pm Full
C. Elementary (level A1–A2) GrahamMonday 5.00 – 6.30pm Spaces
D. Lower intermediate (level A2–B1) MaryWednesday 5.00 – 6.30pmSpaces
E. Lower Intermediate (level A2-B1) MaryThursday 3.00 – 4.30pmFull
F. Intermediate (level B1–B2) NickWednesday 5.15 – 6.45pmSpaces
G. Upper Intermediate/Advanced (level B2–C1) DavidThursday 5.00 – 6.30pmSpaces

Your test score and your language level

ScoreLanguage Level
Under 10Beginner (A0–A1)
10 – 35Elementary (A1–A2)
36 – 50Lower Intermediate (A2–B1)
51 – 70Intermediate (B1–B2)
71 – 90Upper Intermediate (B2)
Over 90Advanced (C1) There is no specific class currently available but you could join the level B2-C1 class if there are spaces, although you may find the pace a little slow for you.
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