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Showing respect

In order to help everyone learn in these lessons, we ask that you follow these instructions.
  • On time
    It is very important that you always join the lesson at the start. If you can’t come to a lesson, you must email the teacher before the lesson starts.
  • Please show respect to the teacher and other students
    You should always listen when someone speaks and only use polite language. Please raise a hand to speak and wait until the teacher names you.
  • Give attention
    Always give your complete attention to the teacher and other students in the class. Please switch off your mobile phone, unless you are using it to connect to the lesson.
  • Food
    Please do not eat during the lessons.
  • Leaving the room
    If you need to leave for any reason, please tell the teacher.
  • Recording the lesson
    Do not film the lesson or take photographs. The teacher may record it and let you have a copy afterwards if you need it.
  • Homework on time
    Please do all homework as well as you can and send it to the teacher on time.
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