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Meet the teachers

Our English teachers are trusted volunteers who have plenty of experience in using the English language.

Hi there! My name is Graham

I have recently moved to live in the city of Leeds in the North of England and am now retired after 27 years as a Pastor.

I have always loved languages and studied German at university. Now I am also learning Italian. I only have a little experience of teaching English but it is my native language and I have experience of teaching other subjects.

I love to help people grow in their Christian faith. I also enjoy my connection with TEN and recently helped set up a partnership between my last church and the Evangelical Church in Bitola, North Macedonia.


Hello, I’m Mary

I studied Medicine at Southampton University and worked as a doctor for 40 years until retiring in 2018.

My work often included teaching and training. I enjoy travelling and have been to many countries. I love the English language and also enjoy Spanish. Since retiring, I have taught doctors and laboratory staff during visits to Moldova and also online. I also studied with the TEFL Academy to become an English teacher.

I live in Bristol with my husband. We have one daughter. I have been a Christian nearly all my life. I lead my local church’s work helping its Mission Partners in the UK and around the world. The church has links with TEN and its work in Eastern Europe.


Hi, I’m Nick

I was born in Liverpool, England. I worked for the British Government until I retired. My job often included training others. I enjoy helping people to learn new things, so a few years ago I studied with the TEFL Academy to become an English teacher.

Since 2019 I have helped at TEN, teaching English (usually online) to people in Eastern Europe. I go to and help at a Baptist Church near where I live, not far from Cambridge. I am married and have two children and four grandchildren. I have visited many countries in Europe. I like to travel and to meet different people.

Nick Clarke

Hello, my name is Sue

I live in Liverpool. I am married to Chris and we have one son and two grandchildren.

Teaching has been a big part of my adult life. I was a primary school teacher for thirty years. I also taught the Bible and the Christian faith in Sunday school at my local church. Then, some time ago, I studied for a CELTA course (Teaching English to Adults). This was so I could go to Tanzania and teach English to students at a Bible college. I did this for three years and enjoyed it very much.

Chris and I have a friend who works for TEN in Bristol. It is because of her that we know about TEN. We like to read about the Pastors, their churches and people – and also pray for them.

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