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Information for our Partners

TEN has been developing a way of using online English lessons and Bible discussion to help people not only to practice and improve their English, but also to learn more about the person and teachings of Jesus. We call this resource “TENteach”.

To join a class, students have to take a language test, so they can be put in a class with other students of similar ability. All the information they need to know about the lessons is on this website, including the language test and the class days and times. The classes are free.

Unfortunately, there are no classes for absolute beginners (people who have no knowledge and understanding of English). The teachers do not speak your language, and all the teaching is in English.

If you meet people who you think would benefit from these lessons, please tell them about the website. You can also click the button below to download a sheet of flyers you could print and cut out to give to people you meet.

When people from your area join a class, the class teacher will email you to tell you they have joined. If you want, you can then talk to those students about what they are learning in the lessons, and you can help to develop their understanding of the teachings of Jesus.

If students are under 18 years old, the website makes it clear that they have to provide the permission of their parent/legal guardian before the teachers can communicate with them directly. All communication will be by email, so people do not share their phone numbers. Individual email addresses of students will not be shared with other students in the class. All the teachers are Christian volunteers with TEN, and they have had safeguarding checks by TEN.

The lessons are online, so people in the class will need to have a good internet connection and preferably a large screen. All the readings and exercises will be displayed on screen. If they don’t have a good internet connection or a large enough screen, please can you consider if there is anything that can be done to help them? For example by holding a class in your Church or by linking them to someone else from your Church who can help them.

If you have any other questions about TENteach, and you can’t find the answer on the website, please email:

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